“A Top Hat” Ep. 232

Everything is so bad! But in these trying times, Julie is here to discuss nazi-fighting fish, vegan shoes, Kat Von D’s lamp, and Under the Skin.

Please look at the Welch goats. We love you.

Jake Fogelnest, Danielle Henderson, Nellie McKay “HWYW Live” Episode 184

A treat! Enjoy this recording of the live show we did at The Bell House on June 1 of this very year. Featuring guests Jake Fogelnest, Danielle Henderson and Nellie McKay? Yes Please!

Plus: Spoony sings “Garbage Dump,” Danielle is inducted -and KNIGHTED!- into the Guest Hall of Fame, a story about weasels, and Ted & Julie duet on “If I Were a Carpenter.” You’ll love this show so much, you’ll leave saying “Boy Am I Glued.”

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“Shmine-Eleven” Ep. 231

Your friend Julie is back and ready to explore the great indoors with you! We’ve got thoughts on our current national crisis, a recap of The Experience, and a pivot to veganism.

Thanks to you for listening and thanks to Robin Columbo for all she does.

“Poppins Grappling” Ep. 230

It is 2019 and Julie has some thoughts about Mary Poppins grooming children, an idea for a new small business, and an update on Merle Allin’s ongoing relationship with DryBar.

Oh yeah, and John Kasich attacked her through air travel arrangements and it was worse than Fyre Festival. Don’t worry, vaccines still work.

“Into a Box of Mike and Ike’s” Ep. 229

I’ve got a puzzle for you, loyal How Was Your Weeklies. What’s the difference between a Garbage Pail Kid and the current administration? Answer: Klausner can talk for hours about one of those!

Also, your pal Julie K. has a new SNL-related superpower to unveil and some thoughts about the interior design business featured in the podcast-turned-television series Dirty John. Hold on to your seat, Eric Bana.

“I Wanted a Vegetarian Meal” Ep. 228

Hello How Was Your Weeklies! On this episode, Jubees discusses the most fuckable Christopher Lloyd character, we review the discography of the musical artist Kermit the Frog, and meet a doula who can’t spell but who CAN encapsulate a placenta.

So, unless you’re Joan Collins eating soup, strap in to hear about the Yiddish Fiddler, 9/11, and Mr. Jazz’s teef in episode 228.


“All This Horrible Stuff” Ep. 227

Hellos my lovelies! TRIGGER WARNING: People have not been nice to Tracy Chapman.

This episode starts with Nazis and the theme continues. But don’t worry, there are also some thoughts on what to do with all the fruits and vegetables you have in your basement freezer. Oh yeah, and there are beavers in this podcast and they’re not a moment too soon.

Oh and hey, do you like Fosse? Do you like grapes? Do you like UNCLEAN COMEDY? Congratulations, then you’re a sociologist.

“Jew Hands” Ep. 226

Lordy, lordy look who’s Jubees! After banishing Pennywise the clown back to his dark ride, Miss Klausner escaped to Europe for an actual, non-expensed, vacation.

As such, we will cover fairy tales, theme park foods, pizza lovers, and what exactly killed Duke, the Bush’s Baked Beans dog. Some opinions you can keep to yourself dad, but tell your bullies how much you love episode 226!