“Let’s Start With Similes” Ep. 236

This week Julie (your old pal) contemplates grout, cassowary feet, and Billy Joel.

All hail Salt-N-Peppa in 1993. Nobody has been or will be better than them. Meow!

Jake Fogelnest, Danielle Henderson, Nellie McKay “HWYW Live” Episode 184

A treat! Enjoy this recording of the live show we did at The Bell House on June 1 of this very year. Featuring guests Jake Fogelnest, Danielle Henderson and Nellie McKay? Yes Please!

Plus: Spoony sings “Garbage Dump,” Danielle is inducted -and KNIGHTED!- into the Guest Hall of Fame, a story about weasels, and Ted & Julie duet on “If I Were a Carpenter.” You’ll love this show so much, you’ll leave saying “Boy Am I Glued.”

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“Animals Are Unpredictable and Untrained” Ep. 235

Hello friends! Julie is back to discuss naughty sheep, some of her famous cooking tips, and the spectrum of opinions on Mother’s Day.

New York City is losing its mind! Have some banana bread.

Ada Calhoun: “Hannigan-core” Ep. 234

The world is TERRIBLE but your friend Julie is here to chat with you and help pass the time. This week we discuss Debbie Reynolds, precocious children, and chat with Nate about the time Julie abandoned him at a screening of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Then we have the supreme honor of talking to Ada Calhoun about Why We Can’t Sleep, her incredible book about Gen X women.

Thank god for Sondheim!

“Astronaut Heavy” Ep. 233

Julie has found the source of the virus and it all comes down to Renée Zellweger.

In other news, we discuss The Taking of Pelham 123, a seitan brisket, and the beautiful women of vintage prison films.

Stay indoors and watch TCM, pals.

“A Top Hat” Ep. 232

Everything is so bad! But in these trying times, Julie is here to discuss nazi-fighting fish, vegan shoes, Kat Von D’s lamp, and Under the Skin.

Please look at the Welch goats. We love you.

“Shmine-Eleven” Ep. 231

Your friend Julie is back and ready to explore the great indoors with you! We’ve got thoughts on our current national crisis, a recap of The Experience, and a pivot to veganism.

Thanks to you for listening and thanks to Robin Columbo for all she does.

“Poppins Grappling” Ep. 230

It is 2019 and Julie has some thoughts about Mary Poppins grooming children, an idea for a new small business, and an update on Merle Allin’s ongoing relationship with DryBar.

Oh yeah, and John Kasich attacked her through air travel arrangements and it was worse than Fyre Festival. Don’t worry, vaccines still work.