NPR sat down with Julie to discuss the show and the nature of podcasting:

She says there are a lot of advantages to podcasting for people who work in and around comedy and comedy writing, one of which is how appealingly amenable it is to a do-it-yourself approach. “It’s free and easy,” she says, “and the nice thing about it is you can have a show without anybody giving you notes. So you can really do, in my case, The Julie Klausner Show.” Furthermore, the format tends to be relaxed and personal, and just as Marc Maron finds on WTF, perhaps the current big dog of podcasts featuring comedians, Klausner says that talking to people in the context of comedy can allow conversations more free-ranging than those that might take place otherwise. “If you do have a sense of humor,” she says, “you’re permitted more leeway, because if you go too far — hey, we’re only goofin’ around!”