“Something My Body is Doing” Ep. 214

Gather round and hear the tale (or should we say TAIL) of Julie’s recent emotional reckoning with the musical Cats (and also real cats)!

Then we’ll deal with the cavalcade of stars at the DNC, this Pikachu character, and Margot Robbie – who is NOT basic anymore, as the posters for her new movie are aggressively telling us.

Can you wear a white suit if you’re not Steve Martin in the 70’s? You’ll find out in episode 214.

“Where’s That Ouija Board?” Ep. 213

Well, we’ve got what you’ve been waiting for: JULIE DISSECTS THE 1990 EROTIC DRAMA WHITE PALACE!

Also, Brian De Palma has some thoughts! What are you waiting for, a split screen?

Cher’s the best, but episode 213 is pretty great too!

More desserts? I’ll pray for you.

“Like Your Bodies Are On Fire” Ep. 212

Hello there, How-Was-Your-Weeklies! Guess who’s back? It’s your pal Julie reporting live from the streets of New York Cit-ay.

Here’s some things we need to discuss: Daddy issues, The OJ Simpson doc, The Tony’s, and the patriotism of jury duty.

Are you a bodega cat? We love your work. Are you a bodega cat owner? Doubly so.

Also: Be sure to take notes on everything that is clarified in part one before part two, it is crucial information.

“I’m Your Neighbor” Ep. 211

Julie found an Israel that isn’t controversial, AT ALL!!!

In other news: Her neighbor is weirded out, she saw some amazing docs about an assortments of great characters (and Jeremy Scott is NOT one of them).

We find the exact recipe for a raising a good comedian, so be careful with that.

Julie also has some thoughts about which podcasts are good… keeping in mind this one is the best.

Why is there a glove? If you’re a politician, you’re about to find out!

“You’ve Got Bubble Tea” Ep. 210

Hey there, podcast loyalists! Julie saw the American Psycho musical (almost) 4 times, so you know what that means…

After a discussion of how it was great/why you shouldn’t slice up ladies, we’ve got some thoughts on who understood the theme of the Met Gala. Double the carnage!

Are you a cartoon? Yes. Do you know how to correctly eat your hat? Probably not.

Look out Wendi & Jerry! It’s Michael Stipe’s beard AND IT’S GOT ZIKA!

A special note before we close out for the week: The world lost a very special person recently – and in her honor we’re re-releasing an extended cut of Julie’s interview with Michelle McNamara from 2011. Her genius is missed, but never forgotten.

“Pleased As Punch” Ep. 209

Hello fellow podcast lovers, this week we discuss the 666 continuing reasons that P***** P******* is a scourge on this earth.

THEN! We’ll breakdown American Horror Story and the equally terrifying and humorous fleece at REI.

Donna Karan has some thoughts about 9/11 and body suits, if you can handle it.

All of this and we’ve all lost 40lbs. Unless that invokes the patriarchy or something TAWDRY.

Don’t be your own Eugene Landy!

“The Kevin Show” Ep. 208

Hello pals! James, are you reading this? How does it feel to be a garbage monster from theater hell, James?

Anyway there’s HamilTONS to discuss before it’s time for the annual “Oh, American Horror Story is a big expensive mess.”

The hits just keep on coming, as we discuss a date I went on with a man who skipped the flowers in lieu of a bouquet of opinions on women and comedy.

Then there’s some documentaries and cocaine we need to plow through before we bring it on home.

Spooky boo!